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IR Pitching Coaches

New PC coach here in WA state, sounds like she's going right off the I/R stickies - and the girls really love her. She's the real deal - D1, Pro, and young enough that she gets the girls and what they're going through. I really love watching her work. Her younger sister is also a D1 pitcher. DD thinks she's awesome.

Anna Miller - she's on LinkedIn.
Absolutely one of the finest young ladies I have ever met!!!!!!! If you're in her area check her out.....you will instantly recognize her as someone you want your kid to be coached by.


Apr 4, 2016
I've been through the local PC that I know of. They are all elbow to the catcher, slam the door instructors. So, two questions. Does anyone know of a IR style coach near Altoona, PA? Question 2. If I can't find a local instructor do I: 1. Try to teach my 10 YO myself. I'm not confident I have the knowledge or skill to do that. 2. Travel to a "famous" PC a few times a year and hope I can fill in the gaps between visits? 3. Just go to the local PC and let her be taught like all the other pitchers around here.
She has only been pitching for about 6 months. We started out by watching the videos on here and Bill Hillhouse's site so the problem is every time we go to an instructor my DD immediately says "daddy what she is teaching isn't right" and she looses enthusiasm.
Feb 18, 2012
Southwest PA
Dlk have you tried looking around in the Johnstown area. I know there was a guy named Rod Jarvis who was still teaching a couple of years ago. I do not know if he still is but was a good pitcher in his days. I teach but I am roughly around 1hr and 40 min from you. I live southwest from you around Mount Pleasant/Scottdale area.
Dec 8, 2015
Philadelphia, PA
That's who my daughter is currently using. She is extremely responsive to any questions I give her.
[MENTION=14428]DLK[/MENTION], I didn't see anyone on the Tincher site that was near Altoona, PA. Did see that there will soon be a Tincher certified instructor in Central PA soon though.

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