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IR Pitching Coaches

Jun 12, 2015
My PC must read here, she knows all about I/R. When it came up on a local board everyone insisted they'd NEVER heard a PC use that term or HE. It's so weird to me, the idea of teaching something without researching the crud out of it. i used to teach childbirth classes and I researched constantly. I wanted to make sure my students got fully accurate, up to date info. I mean, I could have just taught from my own experiences giving birth but that would have been a skewed and non-factual approach since every experience is different. Anyway. Just seems strange that more PCs don't read up on this stuff.
Dec 8, 2015
Philadelphia, PA
My daughter had her first lesson last night and I must say the information the coach had just about the differences in the female body and why I/R mechanics are more suitable for female body types was extremely interesting. My daughter loved the coach and can't wait to go back.