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Ir for new pitcher?

Jun 26, 2019
My girls are just starting pitching lessons at 8 and 10. Is it better to start them out with internal rotation and convert them later or start with ir right away? I am guessing most here will say to start them out with ir but would like to hear your thoughts
Aug 30, 2014
Central Ohio
Start with IR right out of the gate. Why risk an injury and have to go back and relearn something a different way later? In the long run will be way ahead of the game.


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Sep 1, 2018
North Carolina
The above comments are spot on. Please don't make the mistake I did (a costly one at that). DD began lessons with a coach that did not teach IR. Six months later with very little progress we switched to IR. We had more progress and success in two months of IR than we had ever seen before. Not to mention working through some bad mechanics that had been developed before IR.
May 16, 2019
I agree with Uncdrew and think he is spot on. If you gave little instruction to a newbie she will throw very close to IR.
Nov 8, 2018
Please do t start with HE.
If you go to an HE PC just work on basic mechanics without the stupid follow through. Find a IR coach if you can. Start on your own. Javasource has great videos , Rick Pauly does to. Check out Amanda , Monica, okico etc for IR

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May 3, 2018
I made the mistake of not starting with IR. As a first year 10U, we spent 9 months with the wrong instructor. She has now had two lessons with a Tincher pitching instructor and is throwing harder and more accurately, and is having fun.
Sep 29, 2014
Just make sure you can talk terminology besides just "do you teach IR".

Have them describe the movement of the hand and arm thru the pitch.

They might say I've never heard of IR but I teach arm out at 3 ball towards firsts, then as ball comes thru 12 arm begins to have bend in it ball is facing catcher, at 9 arm bent and ball up hand under ball, as arm comes thru at release should have slight brush upper arm stops/slows as forearm whips the ball making sure you have good front side resistance with a natural follow thru across the body and up naturally....then you don't care what they call it this is your PC.

If you hear them describe getting hand behind ball, flipping the wrist and following thru with a high hello elbow type finish then you don't care that if you ask them to watch them pitch and you see them pitching with perfect IR mechanics that you want them as your PC because they can't accurately describe and teach you what they are doing.

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