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Input needed on this hardworking young pitcher


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May 26, 2008
Dallas, Texas
For the forward lean, have her do walk-throughs, except that after she throws have her keep her right foot off the ground. The only way she will be able to stay upright is by keeping her torso over her hips.

As to the opening shoulders, have her touch the the inside of her left thigh with her glove on the follow through.
Jun 10, 2010
Excellent observations. We do back chain from 9:00 which she does and understands pretty well. We haven't focused on the lower body though...primarily the upper so we will look at that. It's the full motion where the struggle really begins. I have had her do stops in the full motion (she tends to adjust position when she stops to look correct). We will study the turn of the back knee/leg. I can definately see what you are talking about there.

QUESTION TO ALL - Do her shoulders ever actually open enough?
Looks to me like they do open. I would think working her drive mechanics and release posture...would do alot for her.


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Nov 9, 2015
SE Wisconsin
Based on a lot of reading and a bit of practice with my DD, still in the works, i found that focusing on the palm up at 9 and brush interference got her thru this stage. Slow down the tempo until you can guarantee palm up and brush. Then speed up as able. Throw from the pocket was the phrase that my DD understood the most, i told her literally to feel like her hand is on the pocket and release. Second separate drill that would be combined later was, the front side resistance, where i told DD to pitch and push back with plant foot. that got her to feel the force needed to not fall or bend over her toes. Pushing back kept her torso up and back otherwise she would just fall on her butt. it made for ugly pitches, but got her to understand the feel of the FRS(front side resistence) until she feels all that consistently, you will continue with leaning forward. My DD still has alot to work on and a better practice schedule, but in the limited more infrequent time we have had, these cues have helped. DD currently still has a bit of glove slap and plant foot not enough forward, but this pitch was more working on keeping the pitching shoulder low and loose thru release.

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