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# innings for a middle school game

Sep 21, 2017
Ya that's strange. Does your AD know that is how he/she is doing it? Is it different from how your governing body establishes game parameters?

Here, we have A and B JH teams, each team plays at the same time. We play DH every game, so schedule 10 dates/play 20 games. 7 inning, no time limit, although mercy rules apply - 10 after 5, 15 after 3.
May 14, 2015
Bismarck ND
ND we have no middle school or junior high divisions. Once you are a 7th grader you can play for the high schools system. We have a Varsity, JV, and JV2 programs at each high school. JV, for the most part, plays regular 7 inning games but the JV2 plays 5 inning games. So yes you can start Varsity as a 7th grader. Thats for our top class system, not sure on the lower classes.
No ad that I’m aware of but I will look into it. We only have a designated/teacher at MS and HS and we are the largest school in our area. Last year HS had a juco player help out but she was a hello elbow pitcher. I am going to check into DD pitching for HS/JV because last years varsity pitcher was a Freshman and the 2nd basemen who was also a freshman tried to pitch for JV but is not a pitcher. I guess all I can do is push the issue. We only played 4 games last year. Thanks for the input.
Mar 9, 2018
We don't even play middle school ball here for the most part. Club ball and of course some town ball takes care of that.
Apr 28, 2014
Crazy how kids are allowed to play Varsity HS ball in 7th grade. No sense is keeping HS ball limited to HS players.

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