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# innings for a middle school game

We are in SE Louisiana DD playing for middle school or Jr High as we call it. Our coach treats our games like pool games in a tournament. Is this normal 3 runs and swap sides or 1.5 hr time limit. What happened to 7 innings. Our high school is 4A so 678 grade at different facility. DD played 3 years travel ball so this is only team to get to play with her friends.

Does everyone else play 6 7 8 grade games like this or do I just need to help the coach/ designated teacher with the basic rules of softball.


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Feb 25, 2009
We have a 7th and 8th grade MS Teams. We have former college players coaching both teams. The vast majority of coaches in MS and HS around here played in college or have extensive coaching histories. We play 7 inning games. When the 7th or 8th grade team is on the road, the other team is at home playing the opposite school's 7th or 8th grade team. Where my dd coaches MS and HS, she coaches both levels with the HS Varsity staff.
Apr 20, 2015
In Indiana our MS is like cannonball stated. 7 innings, just like HS. Run rules apply.

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Apr 28, 2014
Our school district has 3 middle schools 6,7,8
Our HS is 6A and always in the mix for states in PA. Middle School for us was a joke. Teacher coaching who didn't know anything about softball. HS coach never came to any games and parents all knew going in that MS ball was a joke. Get to HS and there are not a ton of kids trying out.. Wonder why? We are lucky that we have 3,000 kids in each grade level in HS (Huge school) so we can field an outstanding team. I can only imagine how good they could be if there was even a little coaching at the MS level.
Feb 13, 2015
We have A and B games. Both are 1 hour or 7 innings. Anyone can play A team, 8th grade can't play B team. This rule is regularly ignored if a school is short of players.

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Dec 5, 2012
Mid West
I ran ours for the past 3 years.
We'd play 2 five inning games, High School rules with 1 exception
The pitcher could only throw 3 innings max per game. This was designed to build up the pitching staff, rather than focus on winning with your ace.
Prep them for HS.
Apr 16, 2010
Alabama MS/JH follows the same rules as HS. The only differences are the maximum amount of games and end dates. Also 7th grade and up are eligible to play varsity or JV for the HS they feed into. If you notice below varsity is allowed 18 games plus 7 tourneys. We played 60 games last spring by the time we wrapped up in 6th place at state.

Contests Allowed: 18 Games
Plus 7 Tournaments

2019 Season
Jan. 7--Throwing Only
Jan. 20--Schedules Due
Jan. 28—First Practice
Feb. 18--First Contest
March 24--North-South
Nominations Due
2019 Playoffs
April 26-May 4--Area Tournaments
April 22--Brackets Due 10 a.m. to
AHSAA Office
May 9-11--Regionals (Gulf Shores,
Oxford, Tuscaloosa, Florence)
May 15-18--State Tournament

2019 Season
Jan. 7--Throwing Only
Jan. 28--First Practice
Feb. 18--First Contest

Apr. 25--Last Day Of Season
Contests Allowed: 14 Games
Plus 5 Tournaments

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