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Indoor fielding drills

Aug 20, 2018
Looking for some ideas for drills that can be done inside in a gym to keep the girls motivated. We've been stuck inside for several months, we're in Wisconsin, and have finally got outside over the last few weeks but this rain has driven us back inside. We have a tournament on Mother's Day weekend so I'd like to do something to keep their skills sharp and/or progressing.

Does anyone have some fielding/throwing drills that can be done inside in a gym. I've pretty much drained all my ideas and I'm sure the girls are tired of doing it so something new would be great. It doesn't have to be just a drill, competitive games that focus on skills are also great.

I'm open to any hitting drills as well if someone has something fun.

Thanks in advance.
Nov 18, 2015

There’s also the old wall ball games - though as we played them, it worked best with a wall at least 15’ high.

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Jun 11, 2013
We used to run one where would would like up the 4 infield positions with a coach hitting and another coach catching the throws. The first ball would be hit to SS who would charge and throw to 1st who would throw into coach. After throw to first we would hit to 2B who would throw to 3rd and 3rd would throw in. The person on 1st would then get in 2B line and 3rd into SS line. Often the person following the throw would have to jump over the ball getting hit or try and beat it. It made the fielders charge the ball and get used to some distractions, charge the ball and get a little cardio in. When it was going good it was beautiful to watch, when not it looked like a T-ball practice.

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