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Incentivizing $oftball

Mar 23, 2014
I will buy her gear, pay for dues and instruction, pay for travel expenses, etc. I will not pay her to play the game, or offer monetary rewards for performance.
totally agree...... except I did offer $$ for Spikes to the face in volleyball. I know, I know..... but not all girls are sugar and spice. Some of us are just spice. Lol


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
I agree with some here...I don't mind the ice cream or dinner out or even a goal like the over the fence homer
or whatnot.

But to pay your dd just to show up and play or to make her have added effort...if you don't have the desire to play or want
to play, that's her issue. Then don't play.
May 12, 2016
I'm impartial to this.. my DD loves the game and works hard at it but I don't see anything at all wrong with an incentive, makes things fun for us both. Some can offer $100, others a ice cream, it's all relevant to that family. However my incentives will/are not based on game play, it's a team sport and I don't want her thinking about individual rewards. For example, runner on 3rd, 1 out, 2 strikes against, I don't want her thinking about a HR in that situation... well I don't want her to think about hitting a HR in any situation, but you get my point. We'll save the incentives for DD and dad time when we train.
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Jun 14, 2018
At a local field that we sometimes use for BP, there is a light pole about 220' from home plate. Since the age of 9, I have told my DD that I will give her $100 if she hits the pole. It started as a joke, but she's held me to it for 5 years. She almost got it last time...

Otherwise, this is her game, and her journey. I will buy her gear, pay for dues and instruction, pay for travel expenses, etc. I will not pay her to play the game, or offer monetary rewards for performance.

Has your DD figured out the interest on that?
May 2, 2019
This thread might fall hand-in-hand with the 'motivating your daughter' thread...

Anyone ever pay their DD for play ?

I've never encouraged a paying job and I expect work in and around the house to be done when asked (mow the lawn, dishes, litter boxes...).

I am thinking of it more as a lead in to what life is like for adults. Adults are paid for results for the most part.
Not exactly but something similar.

My oldest was obsessed with working, buying his own car with his own money, and just other weird things for a pre-teen. Despite his rigorous academic load, numerous extra curricular activities, and heavy athletic schedule he INSISTED he get a job at the local water park as a lifeguard.

It was just too much and it was a very tough lesson learned for him.

Since then we have made an agreement of sorts to "pay" our children for their above and beyond pursuits.

Basically they get an allowance to focus on academics and activities.

My brother pays his kids (very young) to play sports they don't like (my niece hates softball and my nephew hates basketball).

My neighbor pays his daughters to play volleyball (they both rather play tennis, but he and his wife were both college volleyball players and met on the pro beach tour back in their day).
Sep 15, 2016
coaching a 10u rec allstar team, told them if they got to the championship game in any of the all star tournaments that I would let them cut my hair. now mind you I had very long hair half way down my back. all allstar season I would remind them of this, even showing them that I brought scissors to every tournament. very last tournament one more game to win to get to the championship game, girls are wearing down and are down a few runs. I call time and hold up my scissors. the other team, umpire and parents all thought I had lost it but the girls knew what it meant. well, it seemed to work, they rallied back and won and made it to the championship game. we lost the championship game but during the awards I stopped and said I had to pay up and I let the girls cut off my hair in front of both teams! they we all went to ice cream!
Apr 2, 2015
I offered one daughter $50 if she would score 20 points in HS basketball. She would be near the basket and pass the ball out too much. I lost that the next game. She never scored 20 again.

I offered another one $50 if she would score 15 in HS, she was a post and never scored over 10. She got the money and never scored 15 again.

Maybe I should have paid for HRs also. hmmm, what could have been.

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