Ideal height for pitchers?

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Oct 1, 2014
Geez. Tough crowd.

Gatorade player of the year in high school.
Signed by a national powerhouse, Florida.
2020 SEC Pitcher of the Week (3/10)
2020 Freshman Pitcher of the Year
1.99 ERA in 2020
1.85 ERA in 2021

All that = Not a lot of success? Wow, I would be ecstatic if my DD could accomplish even half of that. What does it take to be recognized as having a lot of success around here?
Yeah, I'm not sure what ArmWhip was referring to with her comment about Rylee "not having a lot of success so far" given her stats and accolades form 2020 & '21 with the Gators. My comment about her post release comment was directed at her follow through after release and the labeling of each pitch on the video, if Orange Socks is right about it being an older video I'll have to remember to look for that action the next time I see her pitch. Be interesting to see if she still does that. The music and length of the video was simply an observation about recruiting videos which has been often discussed around here.
May 15, 2008
Cape Cod Mass.
You could say that just being recruited by Tim Walton makes you a success and leave it there. There is a reason why she only pitched 22 innings for Florida this year. She had a WHIP of 1.54 and an opponents BA of 2.86. I think she's in a little over her head, we'll see. I think I saw her 3 times this year, I recognized her unusual mechanics right off and did some research. She's obviously a superb athlete to be picked up by Florida with less than classic technique. I'm rooting for her. Florida's second pitcher Nat Lugo is only an inch taller at 5'5"
May 15, 2008
Cape Cod Mass.
The pitching I just looked at from this year is waaaay more refined than that recruiting video. Her arm is still straighter than I'd like it ;)
I would say that with her mechanics she will have trouble throwing any degree of back spin and probably struggle to throw the bullet spin fastball that so many pitchers find useful now a days. So that leaves top spin and possibly a roll over curve, and a change up of course.

Florida's roster for '22' shows the same pitchers coming back plus a red shirt junior returning, a freshman and a grad student transfer from FGCU.
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