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Idaho Sliders 16u Moffat Looking to add another strong pitcher !! 98 OR 99

Jul 15, 2014
Idaho Sliders Moffat 16U - is looking to add a strong pitcher and a few other players to our team for the 2014 fall and 2015 spring & summer season. We would be traveling to play in competitive showcases and tournaments where college coaches are recruiting.
Very low fees - Idaho Sliders has a great fall & summer schedule. Surf city showcases in CA, Boulder CO Independence Day 2015, then start our run for PGF Nationals. Idaho Sliders has attended PGF Premier division the last two years!
Current players have offers from great programs. Our primary goals are to travel to play at the highest level possible, to showcase our players abilities, and to get our players recruited through continuous exposure.
We have good bats, speed, and solid pitching-catching. Looking to add another solid pitcher and possibly an outfielder / utility as a few of our players will be moving up.

Please call me if interested.

James Asroui
Idaho Sliders Moffat 98