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I find it Funny

May 9, 2008
My DD as a freshman made the Varsity HS team. During open gym I noticed that both of the new bats for the year that the coach had bought were 24 ounce bats. Hmmm I said to myself. When we went back east for spring break, I took her to a "Pro Shop/Batting cage" we were actually looking for Catchers gear, as the HS equipment didn't fit her either. But we ended up talking bats. The owner took her to the back with a 24 ounce and 23 ounce bat and had her do some soft toss. He said she dropped the bat a bit more on the 24 ounce, especially after a few tosses, so when she's tired. I said she's a catcher when won't she be tired? So I bought her a 23 ounce Mizuno. (not from him by the way we went back to get it and it was already gone) The other girls ignored the bat at first, but by the end of the season half of the team was using that bat. The bat was too short for some of them, but not too light. I would just get frustrated when I would hear the coach tell the girls to choke up on the bat when they were facing a faster pitcher. I'm hoping that this season will teach him not to buy for one size fits all. (He also bought two sets of catchers gear the beginning of this season, same size for both) Don't get me wrong, when it comes to coaching the girls and strategy this guy is awesome. Buying equipment and uniforms is not on his priority list I guess.

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