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I’m at a loss... help !

Oct 2, 2018
Do we put too much pressure on these girls to preform week after week? Pitching lessons, hitting lessons, fielding lessons, team practice, weight training,sports psychologist on and on. Combine that with Puberty and emotions.
I am all for pushing to be the very best if the kid wants it. But are we starting to push these young ladies too early?
What age should we start pushing? I guess thats why some people say softball starts at 43 feet. Maybe thats the time to push and before that keep lessons twice a month and allow natural athleticism take over.
Jun 26, 2014
We are experiencing sort of the same thing, though my DD is 15 and a sophomore. This past January, before COVID shutdown, she fractured her left ankle at practice, while pitching (she is a right hand thrower). She was just warming up and came down wrong and rolled her ankle. But now, since it has healed, she can’t seem to throw a strike during a game. Practice and pitching lessons she throws strikes all day. Right now we have a little break with her travel team. Maybe this is what she needs, I don’t know. It’s something she needs to figure out herself. I’m doing all I can with practice and pitching lessons. I feel bad for these kids now a days. It’s so super competitive, which adds more stress on top of school work.
Sep 29, 2008
Northeast Ohio
We will never know if it is the coach and the pressure and confidence and the sucking the fun out of it and the too much tough love if we don't see a video. Preferably a video not edited of a series of pitches. There may be no solution if the pitching mechanics are bad.
Oct 11, 2010
Chicago, IL
Nothing worse then having your DD holding back tears or actually crying on drive home.

DD cared about SB and she made an effort to be good at it.

Sometimes I had to kick her, other times I told her we are going fishing.

All kids are different. Hopefully you can find a middle ground with her.

(DD shuts down if you yell at her, no idea where her mind goes but you might as well be speaking to yourself)
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