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HS Career is over

Dec 2, 2013
Two seasons ago my daughter (a freshman) led her HS varsity team in every major stat category offensively and defensively. She was named to numerous media related "teams" including an area all star team that rarely has freshman make the team.

Prior to the banquet her coach gave me a call to basically say that she wasn't going to give my DD any awards so she could learn to humble herself. I was quite surprised because if there is anything my 5 kids are not is conceited. Confident and capable, absolutely 100% but arrogant, cocky, uncoachable, absolutely not. It wouldn't fly in my household ever.

I was stunned to say the least, I didn't say much over the phone, just let her talk and I said ok coach is there anything else. She said no, I told her to have a good evening, and that was that.

I decided to email the coaching staff ask specific questions about how athletic recognition was determined, spoke briefly about my experience as a coach/admin and asked for advice what they would do if they were a parent in my shoes.

After they replied (all 3 with very different responses) I zipped them to the AD and VP.

I received what I'd call a blanket/expected response from the AD saying that "awards were up to the coach".

I further emailed the coaches in the league to find out how a player could lead the team and league in so many categories and be left off the all-league list. Their answers basically lay at the feet of our own HC.

We sat our DD down and explained earning things, what does deserve mean, what exactly an award is, being recognized at future jobs, and just life lessons in general. To our surprise, she already knew what we were alluding to and took it like a champ.

The banquet was the following week.
Here's a follow up on this. DD did win 1st Team All District for the 3rd year in a row. I emailed the coach yesterday after giving it a few weeks to marinate and to see if my feelings changed. I also asked the coach about the District Awards. The player who won District Defensive MVP, won it last year too and in my opinion is not any better skill wise as my DD (Yes I am biased).

Our district has been recently aligned with another district that was split up. They have 5 schools and we have 4 schools. The District MVP, The Offensive MVP and the Defensive MVP were all from the 5 school district. There is a player who killed it this year at the plate with 14 HR's (their team won district)who should have been the clear winner from the group of 4. Nope another kid who didn't have any numbers close to her won it. I know this kid personally and wouldn't want to take anything from her, but she did not outperform the other player. It is pretty clear that the Group of 5 coaches circled the wagons and took care of their own.

In my email to the coach I asked why this player didn't win the award. I also told her that it was pretty sad that my DD didn't get one word of recognition from her own team during the banquet. I told her that the players shouldn't vote on some of the awards as that is the coaches job. I said some other things as well. Nothing may come of it, but I feel better that I said something.

On a super positive note. DD had two award ceremonies on the same night this week. She received Magna Cum Laude (Top 5%), Presidential Gold Award, AP Literature Outstanding Student, 2 Booster Club scholarships and was recognized with $1K scholarship at the district wide dinner at a fancy hotel honoring the best and brightest. I am most proud of these awards.

Graduation is next Saturday. Time flies people. Enjoy the ride. I was just thinking how I ended up on the site. It was via a google search on Demarini bats back when my DD was in 7th grade. Now we have one last summer run. Travelling to Boulder(IDT), Atlanta(TCS Nats) and Dallas(TCS State).