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How to throw it with that folding elbow?

Jul 15, 2008
Hi, I come from somewhere where baseball and softball are not popular, and basically I'm a 20yo man playing softball for 1.5 years.

I never have a proper throwing action. I usually throw with elbow extended, sometimes over the top, sometimes 3/4, it lacks speed nor power nor accuracy. I want to correct my form and I have watched the form of MLB pitchers.
All of their throw have a part that I would describe as:
During the rotation, their elbows will fold, upper arm pointing forward, lower arm pointing backward, pam perhaps facing the sky, before they extend the lower arm forward and release.
I tried to do this form, but my elbow just won't fold naturally, unless I really fold it myself(thus the ball is near my head), but that just feel powerless. I don't know how to lead with my elbow at all.
How do they do it?

I tried to keep the LO_ form too, where I relax my lower arm and only slightly holding it vertical. But when I rotate, it becomes \_O_ or even __O_ , due to centripedal force. The elbow still don't fold up, and my elbow will feel painful after several throws like this.
(explanation: e.g. LO_ the L is my throwing hand, O is my head, _ is glove hand )
How do they do it?

Btw, I would also like to ask what does Arm Slot, Break (as in Breaking your hand) means?

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