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How to bounce back after an injury?

Jul 7, 2008
My daughter plays on a 12U travel team and obtained a buckle fracture to her thumb during a game. She has now been in a cast for a little over a week. I'm an assistant coach on the team so I'm still very active with the team. Due to her injury my daughter is now limited to her participation (she plays ss and pitches but can now only designated runner) and although the injury is not on the throwing arm she is unable to fit a glove on comfortably to catch. She is becoming very unsure of her abilities and as a mother I still am pushing her to still be involved. What can I do to keep her spirits up and keep her injured arm strong so she will not be discouraged when her arm heals?

Amy in AZ.

Super Moderator
May 7, 2008
Could she possibly throw some batting practice with whiffle balls?

She should still be able to practice her pitching drills, shouldn't she?

During practice, you could put her on the rubber and place some softballs scattered in front of her. Have her run to each ball, bare hand it and throw to 1st.



Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
Hi Michelle,

Last year, I recorded an audio interview with one of the best pitchers in the World, Lauren Bay, who was the pitcher with the most strikeouts at the 2004 Olympic Games. She was also co-pitcher of the year in 2005 with Jennie Finch when she played in the pro league.

She sustained many serious injuries over the last few years (foot, wrist) and didn't play last year at all. She is back super strong this year for the Olympic Games.

Click on this link, you will be able to listen to it.

How to Deal with Frustrating Injuries
Jul 7, 2008
Thanks for your replies.

It's been a couple weeks and she seems to be participating more in the normal drills and since she has been concentrating more on her pitching arm she seems to be improving in that area too. She has also attempted to put on a glove again (over the cast of course:)). She still shys away from balls that are hit directly to her. But I guess that will come in time.


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