How our DDs ended up on college teams

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Jun 19, 2013
It's too bad that this thread morphed from what it originally started as, it was fun to read through for a few pages . . .
Sep 29, 2020
DD played travel in Florida she was a 2022 Wanted to play college ball in the Carolinas found a showcase up in NC at the end of her Freshman year to guest play at. This showcase has coaches on the field while they played so she established some relationships and she began to email those colleges and other ones in that area. She wanted to start attending camps up that way and specific schools but we'll COVID hit. Those states were locked down unlike Florida so we played a lot of tournaments here in Florida. She got interest but our coach told them she didnt want to stay instate. She made a YouTube and was emailing schools mostly juco and d2 because she didn't think D1 would be interested in her. (she changed positions her freshman year to catcher she was raw). Her dream like most girls was/is to play D1, if she could go to school for softball degree she would she loves being out on the field. She worked hard during COVID 3hrs a day with Dad throwing and hitting and mom chasing balls. She asked me at the beginning of her Junior year to find her a national team to play on wanted to play at a higher level. She felt her catching was coming along and she could hit the ball. Found her last travel coach who just cut two catchers before the fall season started her junior year and he told her to come to a big tournament here in Florida for a tryout. Well she went made the team. He was patient with her. She was still learning the game behind the plate and was adjusting to higher speeds.and spin. She will emailed alot during this time and the Carolinas started to open up that summer. The coach scheduled a few events up that way to get my daughter some looks since they were still not fully open or closed. By then her skills had evolved she was calling games and moved to number 4 in the lineup. The last tournament that summer her junior year we got her into on of those cattle call camps at one of the showcase in NC. There were several schools, about 10, she had been communicating with so we decided to go. She had a great camp. Her catching was on point pop time was the best and she was stroking bombs over the fence. She even bet a coach that if she hit one over he would give her a scholarship on the field, which he did. At the end of the camp she had a list of coaches to talk too, right after the broke to talk to coaches this one coach called her over and chatted with her for about 15mins. Of course dad was asking mom who was she talking to and she needs to go talk to the other ones before the leave. When she walked off the field she had so many cards from coaches and even had them telling her they were full but they would make an exception for her. This was so wonderful to hear because she busted her butt for years changing positions and even had people tell her she would not catch in college. Anyway I asked her who the coach was that talked with her forever and she could not remember her name but she was D1. So we wnt to the their website and she still couldn't remember because she had a hat on and two of the coaches looked similar. ( Good grief ). The day the showcase started her coach went with her to find that coach at the field they were stationed at. They sat at the fence for half an hour staring at her with her travel coach asking is that her and mine saying I don't know. He finally told her to go get in the car. He went and talked with her and had her come watch her play that weekend. She had a great tournament threw 8-9 out and hit She left that weekend with about 20 cards and setup visits from the following two weeks. Her last visit was to the D1 school she is at now. She went on an unofficial, we hadn't done the NCAA paperwork, and committed to them 2 days after the visit, asked for the weekend to think about it. She is there now loving everything about having 2 jobs. She committed after her junior year

We watched her camp video after she committed and noticed that the coach was watching her for several hours in the background (we were pretty far from the field wife was doing video on her phone). You never know who is there.

I tell everyone email email email just because they found her at the camp and showcase it was all the work with emails to get the coaches there to see what she had and others want to know why they are looking at her.

Sorry for the long-winded post and Grammer and spelling. Wanted to detail the journey on how it happened with some background
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May 16, 2019
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