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How many players tried pitching?

Aug 1, 2019
My dd was pitching for the HS when I realized that every girl on the field with the exception of the catcher had been a pitcher at one point. Only 2 of them, including my dd were still pitching.
That's great that so many of them had at least tried it.
Bad situation when there is an "anointed one" at the early ages and nobody else develops.
May 4, 2016
DD tried it for about 10 minutes during practice her first year of rec ball And never tried it again. In contrast she was the only girl willing to catch, and she is still catching today.
Sep 3, 2015
Similar story here, rec team at 8u looking for pitchers, DD said ok I’ll try it. Oh my, the work “we” put in. Very few pitchers left from that time, the studs from 10u don’t pitch anymore. You can’t just blow it by kids at 14u anymore.

DD still going strong, that little frail kid with glasses at 10u who nobody was afraid of is now a 5’10” beast in the circle who can really move it.

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Jersey Girl
May 27, 2013
I think we had 3 pitchers on our Little League All-Star team but only dd continued on past 12U. It takes a lot of time and effort for both player and parent to work at becoming proficient. Also takes dedication to lessons. Takes even much more of the above to be able to pitch effectively for a good TB team and then for a college.
Mar 6, 2016
Oldest DD tried it one year of 8u Rec to 2nd year 10u Rec. Was "ok", but never really much more than that. mainly a fill in type pitcher each game. A few lessons here and there and then stopped and focused on catcher and 3B/1B. Went on to play Travel Ball and HS as a catcher.

Youngest DD (lefty) started in first year of 8u as a 6 yr old, two years became top pitcher in Rec league, All Stars, etc. Kept at it until first year 12u, but began to play more and more catcher and 1B as the seasons went on and it was hard to focus and put in time for both P and C.

She enjoyed C more and Pitching became too stressful and huge time/bullpens demand that she didn't want to put in all the work pitching needs. So, she stopped in 12u and now is mainly C and 1B and some OF in 12u travel ball.

And I am ALL GOOD that she decided to stop. I hated the stress of being the pitcher's Dad. 🥵
Jun 11, 2013
I think most TB players at least tried to pitch at one point in their career. DD pitched in 10U rec. I think she could have been pretty good but I didn't know anything and taught her how to throw strikes not to really pitch. I think the last time she threw a pitch was when she went to her first 12U practice with a team of mostly 2nd year 10U players like she was. They asked who pitched and she was 2nd in line. The first one came up and the coach asked if she could throw a curve and she asked which direction he wanted it to curve in. DD then threw a couple of mid 30s pitches and went back to playing in the field and Catching. That team would up with 2 D1 and 2 D2 pitchers.
Dec 5, 2017
DD pitched for about a year and a half. Was doing really well going to an IR coach, worked hard at home and out of the blue said she wanted to quit. I was really shocked but didn't push the issue as I always told her if she wasn't committed then don't waste your time. Her current hc found out she used to pitch and asked her to pitch a few times this fall as we lost our #1 and our 2&3 were struggling. Her lack of speed was very effective and I was super proud of her coming in having not pitched in almost a year, being able to throw strikes. It was almost comical at times watching these older girls that were used faster pitching almost fall out of the box lunging after pitches. It was like every pitch was a change up. Unfortunately that usually only worked for a couple of innings then it would turn ugly.

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