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How Many Bats in the Bag?

Dec 5, 2017
I worry about dd's cf9 because in the smaller sizes those things sell for stupid prices. I found hers on FB marketplace locally for $75, it looked like it had never been hit except the grip was worn. I posted earlier in the thread that we have a PC she loves but I don't let her swing because it's too big. We just joined a new team this fall and Friday the new bag I ordered came in. It's one of those gigantic roll around bags that has room for 4 bats. We leave to go do some hitting last night and sure enough she has the PC stuck in the new bag :giggle: Btw, I hate the new bag. She can literally fit inside of it.
Oct 23, 2013
2 bats
34/10 - 2019 lxt
34/10 - 2018 Rawlings Quatro Pro

Biggest reason for 2 is if one breaks...
lxt is daily driver and is a replacement for a lxt that broke...
Got Rawlings from CoreSoftball because that's the brand her future college team uses...

Didn't like the Rawlings until she put one over the fence last fall in Peoria...

Strength training works and it's the Indian, not the arrow... lol