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How important are stats?

Nov 27, 2012
Problem with going just by stats is, coaches or parent's don't take into account strength of opposition. This happens in HS ball where coaches bench their best pitchers when playing weak opposition. Stats have to be analyzed and data should be used properly.
May 10, 2019
I agree!, I was just following the flow, explaining why I use stats in game planning. Just used my GD as an example nothing more. Obviously some thought otherwise.
Funny Bugs Bunny, not sure if the message was to be funny or poke fun!
Anyway, I've used stats successfully, and my GD is a very special player. That's it!
May 10, 2019
Phandle- True absolutely, I agree once more. But unless you are near mercy your lineup is pretty much the starting team, with maybe a few changes to get other players playing time. SP is a bit different, however most coaches match strength with strength, some follow a strict rotation with RP changes as needed. This year I observed a coach giveaway a State game to pitch his #1SP vs. the Conference #1, #1 State Team. Each coach has their own method of coaching that works for them. Stats aside, I like an aggressive running game, play power ball 1 inning, comeback with small ball the next. My SP doesn't have to K 18 batters but get the ball put in play to our advantage. All's good!

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