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How do you encourage your kid??

Feb 25, 2019
My daughter is in her freshman year of college (DII) and is a pitcher . Her team isn't doing well, but she is getting a majority of the pitching time, which we are thankful for. They are toward the end of their season and she is spent. She's tired, stressed and not getting enough sleep. She says her body hurts and she's not sleeping well. I know this is all part of being a college athlete and it can be a grind. She's our first one to go to college and I'm curious if this is normal. I want to encourage her, but at the same time I want her toughen up a bit. Any advice?
Jun 11, 2012
DD is a freshman playing DIII and her experience is quite different than your DD.
C’s team is doing decent, she’s starting every game and doing very well.
She’s tired because they’ve had a bunch of rain outs so their schedule is now jam packed and she has multiple papers due but I wouldn’t even think to use the word “spent” to describe it.
I’m not sure what’s normal since this is our first season also but I know DD is happy she picked this school instead of a few DII schools she was looking at because of the commitment and time devoted to the team since DII teams tend to travel more.
Nov 26, 2010
Time to start treating her like an adult. Because she is.

And that sounds harsh but it isn't. It took me a long time to learn that when my wife told me something was stressing her out, she didn't want me to suggest how to fix it, or to do something. She just needed a shoulder to lean on and someone to listen to her concerns.

So instead of, giving her advice. Mainly just listen, validate and let her figure it out. Tell her you understand and that it sounds like its tough. Remember, sometimes it really isn't about the nail.

That is if her body hurting is typical end of season soreness, if she has specific pains in joints then you have to talk about a doctor or a trainer...

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