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How do you become a "legitimate" pitching instructor?


Abby's Dad
Jan 23, 2009
Collegeville, PA
I've been teaching myself fastpitch softball pitchng for the past three years via books, DVDs & softball sites on the web so that I can better instruct my daughter and girls on her teams. I practice myself regularly since I'm a believer in knowing what you teach (and it's fun!). I believe I understand the fundamentals well enough to teach them relating to pitching and strategy. I don't consider myself an "expert", just reasonably well schooled and I don't believe in contradicting what a girl is being taught by a private instructer (instead I ask what she is taught and do my best to make sure she's following those instructions).

Anyway, is there an official process of becoming a "legitimate" pitching instructor? At this point I'm primarily interested in working with younger girls on the fundamentals (my daughter is 13 now) on a volunteer basis - local LL primarily. I'm considering introducing a pitching clinic for next fall so I'd like to have some credentials by then. My philosophy is proper mechanics with speed and the control will come.


Oh, man it takes a lot of years, trial and error, open mindedness, and study many many hours of slow motion/freeze frame video.
Then just when you think you've seen it all and know it all....bam, you find out how much you still have to learn.

Don't know of any true certification process. Ernie Parker and I started one a few years ago but ran out of steam. We may regenerate again this fall---looking at doing another coaches clinic. Lots of feedback from the previous one to incorporate in the next one.

Not certain there is any one right way to pitch, but am pretty certain there is a reasonable set of guidelines that should be followed.