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Hitting Program for Large Organization

May 22, 2008
I have the opportunity to create a fastpitch hitting program for a large fastpitch organization. I have been asked to create a written proposal. Does anyone have an ideas as to how long and/or detailed this should be?


Ex "Expert"
Feb 25, 2009
You have not provided enough information. I created one for a feeder program for my hs baseball team. We then included 2 softball teams in that. Then, before you knew it, we had some 70-90 boys ages from 4th through 8th grade and some 21 girls 12U and 14U. We had to define the date the facilities were availiable. Resources like Tees, pitching machines, balls, etc. Next, we had to set up a time schedule and arrange for coaches. You are going to have to figure in cost per player or team. You will need to ensure that you have a "hold harmless agreement" ready for participants to sign. While we all know that even such an agreement doesn't cover for neglect, it does provide limited considerations. You will need to make sure that a part of that also includes insurance as well as a statement by the participants on their insurance coverage. If they are a part of a program already, you might not have much trouble with that.

As I said, not enough info. However, I hope these thoughts help some.
May 22, 2008
You're right... here's a bit more information:

I would be hired by an already established organization, so I wouldn't have to worry about the insurance or the payment aspects. The plan is to incorporate a hitting program for all the players to follow. I have about eight years of fastpitch experience and 2.5 years of hitting instruction, so I know what to do once I get the players in training--I'm just having trouble writing out an actual program to present to the board.

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