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hitting nothing but grounder


Jun 5, 2009
i am 25 years old and
i am in a fastball league, and after 3 games i have an average of 133, all i am hitting is grounder,i have a good on base percentage due to fielding error, but i would like to be better at bat, it is frustrating because 3 years ago i was the best hitter in my league, but now i cant even get the ball out of the diamond,
i never was a power hitter but i have some good speed and i should be hitting more doubles and base hits,now i cannot even make good contact with the ball,

any help will be appreciated,, thank you
Aug 4, 2008
Normally this is caused by the back hand not stacked. So that you have the elbow behind the hand which causes you hand path to be down. Reverse this and you hit pop ups, or what someone we tell you when you dip your back shoulder. Amy suggeested T work. Use the T stacker drill and if you hit down on the ball, you will knock off all the balls. Don't have to buy them, cut pcs of PVC pipe. But if you do, it is cheap and they have string attached so you don't have to chase them. They are sold on most softball sites and you can see how they work. We test if you have this issue when we work on the T with the one hand drills with the back hand.
May 9, 2008
Get on the T and check your swing!!! If you hit the ball off of a tee on the ground then that's you're problem right there. Hit the ball off of the tee until it goes where you want it to, then practice that again and again.
Mar 2, 2009
Suffolk, VA
3 drills:
1) LONG TEE: tee out approx 12-15+ feet from the Net, this helps you to see your contact and exaggerates mistakes... One of my favorites

2) sounds like potential rolling the wrists on contact...... TOP HAND (one hand) Drills.. you have to keep your top hand strong and under (bottom hand/top hand relationship) to be able to drive THROUGH the ball

3) and my favorite of all..... hitting front toss or machine from home plate and trying to drive LINE DRIVES to the fence..... I don't want ANY balls hitting the dirt, line drives to the grass and preferably with enough power in the swing that allows line drives to the fence....... do this 2-3 times a week, and you will see EXPLOSION into contact and balls shooting through much faster because you HAVE to drive through contact to reach the fence on a line drive....... takes a few days to become somewhat consistent, but THIS WORKS....


Jun 5, 2009
thank you all for the tips, sorry i was so slow to answer
i did some tee work and i found that my problem is rolling the wrists on contact,
just knowing that helped me on my last 2 games, i hit 5 for 6

but i do need to practice more on my swing, i cant wait to try some of those drills,
still,thanks a lot ,,this really helped me so far

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