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Hitting Keys for 10U?

Mar 24, 2009
10U hitting keys?

I'm looking for a simple memory aid that my 10U hitters can use when they are hitting. What are the keys they should remember?

For example, I have given my 10U team the following mnemonic reminder to say to themselves when they are on defense: "BOT" or, B – BASERUNNERS. Know where the baserunners are and how you could get them out…tag the runner or tag the base?
O – OUTS. How many outs are there? If we have two outs, how can I get the easy out? If we have zero or one out, what can I do to get a baserunner out?
T – THROW. Where am I going to throw the ball if it is hit to me? Where am I going to run to receive a throw from my teammate if it is not hit to me? Where am I going to run to back up a throw?

Oh, yes, I did have to look up mnemonic (memory aid) in the dictionary! LOL!

Thanks for your input!
Jan 22, 2009
South Jersey
We use

"Ball, base, backup" on defense (8U). Find the ball first, know what base you are throwing to, and know where you are backing up if you are not making or receiving the throw.

For hitting I would keep the cues simple.

"load, stride, hips, hands" would work. Although there are pages on here about other cues and the "high level" swing, this should work for 10U. I would try to stay away from the "hands to the ball" and "squish the bug" cues of the past.

Have a cue for the bat position as well, you could use "catcher" as a cue to get the butt end facing the catcher.

I had a girl who came from gymnastics to softball. She was so rigid at the plate and would never bend her knees. I told her that her new nickname was "Knees" and I would yell it to her everytime she got in the box. It worked!

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