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Hitting in the off-season, how much and how often?

14U, 13 y/o pure. Twice a week. On Sundays we have the use of a small local gym for 2 hours, where we do stations. Tee work, soft toss into net, TCB ball front toss, wiffle golf ball pitching machine - 6 stations in all. We're starting from scratch and working on the lower body first, mostly stance through toe touch.

Wednesdays we've rented a facility with 3 netted cages for 2 hours. We use two with pitching machines, one is split in half for tee work into the nets. Two other stations into other nets while waiting.

Kids then have homework to do with what they've learned. Dry swings only in the house!

We have a LOT of work to do, so hopefully this pays off.

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