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Hitting Clinic - Cincinnati area

Aug 1, 2008

SWOBAT Olympic Softball Camp 2009

October 4-5, 2008

Bringing USA Olympic Gold Medalist to Southwest Ohio

Learn from the best softball players in the world

Jennie Finch, Crystl Bustos and Howard Carrier

Discover what it takes to be a champion on and off the field

Open to girls 4th grade & up

Campers need to bring their glove and any equipment needed to participate

Pitchers must provide their own catcher (there is no charge for the catcher)

Saturday, October 4th

9:00am - 4:00pm Hitting (Limit 125) $165

9:00am ? 12:00pm Pitching (Limit 30) $125

1:00pm ? 4:00pm Pitching (Limit 30) $125

Sunday, October 5th

9:00am - 4:00pm Hitting (Limit 125) $165

9:00am ? 12:00pm Pitching (Limit 30) $125

1:00pm ? 4:00pm Pitching (Limit 30) $125

Combination package: 1 Hitting Session + 1 Pitching Session $225

Campers will receive:

Lunch provided both days

Photo opportunity with Olympians

Autograph opportunity with Olympians

Advanced Registration is required.

Participation is limited, so sign-up today

To Register go to SWOBAT Showcases

Or call 513-860-5828

I went to this 2 years ago. My dd got a picture with crystal's gold medals around her neck. Cool stuff.

Howard works with Crystl whenever she comes to the area and he does clinic's with her.
Yes he is difficult to get into for lessons!

Jul 17, 2008
in the dugout
thanks for the heads up... i live just off I-75 a little over an hour away in lexington, ky.

is howard carrier bustos' coach? someone was telling me her coach lived in cincinnati. also, do you know if he is available for inividual hitting lessons?
Aug 1, 2008
Howard does clinic's with crystal.

Howard also works with her on hitting and teaching.
At the seminar it is a joint effort.

Howard also brings in coach's from all over who teach rvp and his methods.
Crystal of course is bringing Jenny.

It is very hard to get a lesson with Howard.
Howard does not advertise or give lessons to the general public.

I would say, PM him on the OFC, or ask him at the seminar if he is not to busy.


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