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High School vs. Travel

Apr 25, 2010
I know in Ohio, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) does not allow a student who is playing for a school team to play or practice with their TB team during that time. From Feb 20 (I think) until June 1 (or whenever their state run ends), the players are off limits to their TB coaches. There are also some rules about how many players from one school can be on the same TB team and how much contact the school coach can have during the "off season". I don't know all the specifics yet, but I hope to before my DD hits HS.


...personally...Im not a fan of HS ball....around here its glorified REC league...know of a team of 13yr olds that could beat 99% of the HS teams here
Oct 13, 2010
...personally...Im not a fan of HS ball....around here its glorified REC league...know of a team of 13yr olds that could beat 99% of the HS teams here

...So you have great TB teams... and bad HS teams... hmmmm...does the 13yr old team have to travel a long distance to come and beat up on the lesser talent in your area? :rolleyes: Seriously though, Travel teams are always better than HS teams. This year, there were 2- 1st team All State players and 2- 2nd team All State players on our HS team. They play with several other All State players from other schools on their TB team. (HS played in the fall) It's a numbers thing. There are only about 3 or 4 top level 18 Gold teams and 4 or 5 top teir 16U teams around here. There are 8 HSs in our region, and 4 are within walking distance of each other. There's 8 regions in AAAAA, (64 teams) plus the 4A, 3A, AA, and A divisions. Not sure how many schools are in the other divisions but, you get the picture.

Look at it like TB is serious and HS is fun. Playing for your school is great for social skills, TB is great for SB skills.
Jul 26, 2010
Here in California, kids are not permitted to participate in any games, tournaments, or practices outside if their school if they are rostered on a school team.

This does not prevent travel ball organizations from putting teams together or having "clinics" (often including several "clinics" a week after HS practice), however you won't see any substantial tournaments until the HS season is over at the 16u and older levels (hence the huge divide between 14u teams in spring/summer).

Apr 12, 2010
Legal scrutiny? A coach has the authority to establish the rules for her program. Once invited to join her team, you're agreeing to follow her rules. If her rules include 'no playing for another, competitive softball team during the HS season', then that's the rule. If a player elects to violate that rule, then in doing so the player would be accepting whatever consequences that might bring, including the loss of playing time or dismissal from the team.

Just as no laws were broken by the player who merely played for another team in season, no laws will have been broken by the coach if she chooses to kick the player off the team.
I'm talking about a state-wide regulation by a rule-making body; that could be subject to legal challenge. While I am personally against kids playing both.....I also feel that a public run organization (state HS athletic commission) has NO business telling a kid what they can and can't do outside of school time as long as it's not illegal.

A coach's own personal rules for the time? That's fine with me.

My .02
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