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Helping younger sister return to pitching post-broken leg/surgery.

Mar 10, 2016
My now 17-year-old sister tried out for our 18u softball team after our first two pitchers had significant injuries in the fall (pitcher 1 had significant internal injuries after a car accident and pitcher 2 blew out her ACL while at a cross-country meet halfway through her second run of the day) whle still 16. Surprisingly, she made the team at our impromptu tryout in October. She worked out with the team and did really well at our practices.

In early March, personal disaster stuck.

My sister was at a late season ski club trip, her foot caught in a hole at the resort, and she broke her leg. It was thought at first to be a regular break while in the ER but found out at the orthopeadist's office, that she had a spiral fracture of her fibula and tibula requiring surgery. My dad took her for a second opinion at the orthopeadist that did my surgery on my elbow and she confirmed. Where the doctor's differed was in the timeline she could come back. The local doctor thought she should be out for the entire summer where as my doctor thought she should be in all her casts and walking boot for 12 weeks.

I am happy to report, she is out of her casts and walking boot (When I had one when I sprained my ankle, I nicknamed mine Darth. She nicknamed her's Smeagle. Yes, we're both Star Wars fanatics along with Lord Of The Rings fanatics. Don't judge) and is full weigh bearing. She is cleared to do physical therapy and do softball specific workouts as long as she isn't feeling pain. She is working diligently to get the strength back in her leg to go back to pitching again.

Anyhow, she wants to start pitching again as soon as possible as she wants to be able to return to the softball field when we have a team we played at a tournament in Texas coming to our area to play in a tournament we're the host team for. What workouts can we get her to do to help her get back to the field as quickly as possible? What pitcher specific stuff can we do to help her, especially with me as a catcher trying to help her out as much as possible?


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