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Hello from Central Al

Nov 24, 2020
Hello all, I'm the dad of a 2009 moving to 12U and a 2011 moving to 10U in the Birmingham, Al area.

The older one didn't start playing softball until the first season of 10U rec and didn't put her first ball in play until her last at bat of her second season. Despite that, she fell in love with the game and stuck with it. She's extremely athletic, so once it clicked, she's improved quickly. I wish we had invested more at the beginning, but given her struggles we never really expected her to stay with it. That said, we just joined a 12U travel team and I think she still has a ton of runway to improve as she gets more reps.

Her younger sister started playing last fall, and hit from the first time she stepped on the field (8U coach pitch, but still). She stayed down to play 8U all-stars this fall but will be moving to 10U in the spring. She wants to pitch so we decided to give her the spring season in rec/PDL before going the travel route. Her pitching was what brought me to the forum, and it's been a wealth of knowledge. I feel like I've just scratched the surface, but we're already changing the focus of our pitching efforts as a result.

Both girls are obsessed with softball, and so I'm excited to take advantage of the great contributors and resources I see on the forum to maximize their potential and enjoyment of the game.