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Hello Elbow dad cut loose by college star.

Oct 15, 2013
Seattle, WA
I'm not posting this in the pitching forum, because it's just a mildly amusing story, not anything technical about pitching.

One of the nation's top collegiate pitchers gives lessons in the facility our organization uses. She works with a few kids from outside our organization to fill her schedule. One of them, a super nice kid in her second year of 12U, has a dad with an older daughter that pitched in college. The dad is not what you call super nice. Most folks in the softball community think he's an arrogant you know what. Several years ago in Little League when our daughters were competing against each other he made a big stink about my DD warming up with an adult as catcher. He was right, it was a rule violation, but one that was normally ignored during the regular season. I was coaching third base by his dugout (he was the coach of his DD's team) when he protested and I turned to him and asked, "Really?" and he spit back "It's a rule buddy! Look it up!" Later, in the game when my DD hit a triple off of his DD I turned to him and said "That's my daughter!". Sometimes I can be a you know what too. I wish I had been a bigger you know what and said, "That's a triple my DD just hit! Look it up!".

Anyway, like I said he has an older daughter that pitched in college and he's been a bucket dad for a long time and a big know it all. He's a hello elbow guy and he just could not abide with his DD being taught what I and most of us here think of as proper mechanics. He continually contradicted this college star during the lesson she was giving to his DD. She finally had enough and and had to tell the dad she couldn't work with his DD anymore.

While I feel bad for the kid, who I really like, I admit to being amused by that dad being bounced for being a you know what. I just can't understand why he would pay for lessons, multiple lessons and then contradict the instructor.


Allergic to BS
Nov 14, 2014
Why would you take your kid to lessons...any kind of lessons...and pay to argue with the instructor?

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