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Had a great powderpuff football game Saturday night & sis's good soccer game!

Mar 10, 2016
I have to brag on my sister's soccer team in a losing effort in districts. Our school's soccer team played in the district finals Friday night since our school's football team is done playing (they didn't make districts since they went 4-6). So I went to her soccer game. Our school played well even though we lost 4-2 in overtime. I'm proud of my sister because she played hard at goal even though she and the rest of her teammates didn't play extremely well, they played with a lot of passion and heart and never gave up.

Last night, I had a powderpuff football game (it's flag football...but the girls play and we had the guys as cheerleaders). Anyway, I ran for 75 yards w/a touchdown, had a couple of receptions for another 60 yards with a few tackles in a 28-14 win. We all had fun with one of my high school softball teammates named Player of the Game. My boyfriend was even named the captain of the cheer squad for the game.

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