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Ha, first time posting in this forum! DD had a banger weekend

May 7, 2015
DD is on a super competitive team and has literally worked herself all the way up from the bottom of a 17 person roster. The adversity has been harrowing at times, but she (and we as a family) always agreed to stick with it. This was the first time she's put her stamp on the position of catcher and middle order batter. It is amazing to see the work put in over the years culminate into confidence and execution during the big game.

Anyway DD basically did the FP catcher trinity! One out in the top of the 1st with a runner on two, DD gets the opportunity to make an amazing play and executes shutting down the other team from scoring.

Then in the bottom of the 2nd and her first at bat, solo HR's to kick start our teams offense.

Then with the game 2-0 good guys (us), other team starts getting aggressive with the base running and tries to steal in the top of the 5th. DD catches the runner stealing to keep the shutout going.

DD's plays added momentum to the game and we ended up with a 6-0 win.

Proud Dad right here!
May 7, 2015
Thanks.. I'll be honest, she's been feeling the pressure to produce some home runs from the team (her coach) and I think she was so relieved to get her first of the season in the 2nd weekend of friendlies that she ran the bases in just over 13secs! I told her next time she needs to enjoy it a bit more!

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