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Ground Force

Jun 10, 2010
Instructor: "I am a little concern your popping up with your head".

Why? Maybe rotating around the front hip?
Wonder if he stays back more in live swing.
Oct 2, 2017
You can really SEE him trying to create leverage against the ground. All of his pre swing is an attempt to push into the ground and that action dominates his pre swing.

That is what you call over baking an idea.
Agree that he is over baking it. But using the ground to leverage against seems to be interesting
Aug 20, 2017
Let’s be honest, this is an ugly swing and not what we need to teach. Very heavy on front foot, lack of balance etc

4 girl's dad

Finding my way
Apr 5, 2013
In the stands...
Had a couple of girls on a previous 14u team that swung like this. They were taught by a “PGF” coach in Cali. Very seldom hit the ball and when they did, it was not with any power.
Oct 2, 2017
I'm not saying we should teach getting over the front foot at foot plant like this here. I agree its fugly looking. I was mainly just focusing on the idea of leveraging the ground to help power the swing.


It wasn't me.
Jun 5, 2010
Not here.
I was mainly just focusing on the idea of leveraging the ground to help power the swing.
Try this:
So....how do we create ground forces AND get the resistance behind the rear leg?

Quite simple.

First....you internally rotate your leg in the hip socket.
Second....you coil the hip rearward. By so doing you FUSE the rear leg to the hip. You create a UNIT. A hip/leg unit. A characteristic of this unit is the hip is coiled BACK AND AROUND the ball of the femur so it's weight is BEHIND the leg. You've already moved resistance BEHIND THE LEG.

As the hip coiled and as the rear leg internally rotated....in summary....AS YOU FUSED THE HIP AND LEG INTO A UNIT....the COILING ACTION causes the external rotation pressure at the foot. THIS IS HUGE. This is way different than the externally rotating leg causing the external rotation at the foot. The difference between....the leg externally rotating to cause the external rotation pressure at the foot.....and....the COILING of the hip/leg assembly causing the external rotation pressure at the foot....is....THE LOCATION OF THE RESISTANCE. When you externally rotate the leg then coil the hip, the resistance will never get behind the leg. The external rotaion of the leg assures that the leg will be the furthest back. The hip coils INTO the externally rotating leg which is further back than the hip. Duh. From that point on, the leg will push. It has to. There is no other option. But, when you internally rotate the leg then coil the hip rearward, the resistance offered by the coiling hip is BEHIND THE LEG. Back and around the leg.

ground reaction forces exist in everything we do.
They exist in bad swings as well as in good swings.

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