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Great softball girl in need of a smile and something to go her way?


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Hey folks, have done this many times on this board and works out AWESOME and its fun to do for somebody.
You guys usually come thru and really find me a great girl to give a gift to.

So time has come again, its been too long. I am looking to brighten a girls day up that needs a turn for the good. I would like
to give something out to a girl who is having a rough time whether its because of something she is going thru or parents are
having a rough time that's effecting her. Of course its softball related, so has to be a softball player. A girl that's such a great person
and great attitude and loves the game, that just deserves to have something go her way and needs a smile to take her mind off of life.

I know this doesn't change whats going on in their life and doesn't change the world, but every little bit helps
in someone's life when they are having a rough time.

I know we can come up with somebody awesome, Pm me with some candidates so we can get it rolling.

Now, along with this comes the bad part, this has to be from a good member on here. It sucks, but not everybody can be trusted when
stuff is being given away and some folks will fib. So I need to trust the person that its on the up and up and the girl is real.


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Nah, just hope it helps one person get thru a time and make them realize they aren't forgotten. Many have
had those times in life when it just downright sucks and isn't pleasant...been there myself

Heck, maybe they remember it later, and they do something for someone else when they would have otherwise not.
Jun 12, 2015
That's awesome and I agree, don't sell these small acts of kindness short. For some player out there it's going to be huge.
Apr 20, 2018
Jesus Christ died for every sin she has committed and ever will commit! He lived a sinless life, died a horrible death, and was resurrected! He is currently seated at the right hand of God pleading for your daughter! Love so amazing!

That should help 😇
Amen and amen

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