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Great College Showcase Game in Front of D1 Coach

Jan 31, 2015
DD (2021) just pitched a great game while the D1 assistant coach who is responsible for recruiting, stood directly behind home plate backstop the entire game. This is the the same coach who invited her to their recruiting camp this past Labor Day weekend where she did great. He also called DD TB coach to ask for their schedule this weekend.

DD threw a complete 7 inning 3-0 shutout on only 52 pitches (41 strikes) giving up only 2 singles with 0 BB and 4 Ks.

Plus, DD hit a clutch 2 RBI line drive to CF to break a 0-0 tie! She also hit a bomb to the CF fence but the CF ran it down.

Very proud of her!
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Oct 5, 2015
I love the efficiency. That is dealing. It's never easy with coaches standing right behind the plate, especially when they break out iPhone to film.
Jan 31, 2015
And to make it even more impressive, apparently, she's been playing with a torn right quadriceps muscle for the past 3 weeks/showcases. She said it was has been sore, but she has always had a high tolerance for pain.

Doctor said she could play (pitch & hit but no fielding) one last big showcase in Chattanooga this weekend, but then at least 4 weeks of physical therapy and ZERO sports/gym/swim. :-(

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