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GoPro Hero8 Black + LynkSpyder....Video Recording...Any pros out there?

May 18, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a Gopro Hero8 Black and Lynkspyder setup. Basically the one in the picture below. The spyder and battery setup are awesome, but I could use some help on production. Key Issues:

1. GoPro splits the file into 10 minute segments...probably 10 or so segments for a full game.
2. Downlaoding from Hero8 to PC using Hero8 Wifi (my Wifi/router are normally fast) takes forever....not so bad to copy over from the camera directly to PC via USB, but windows 10 on one PC doesn't recognize the camera and it takes about 30 minutes per 10 minute segment to copy to PC from the Camera (1080P/60fps)
3. I don't know what software to use to stitch the videos together (and I'm very surprised Gopro or Youtube don't have a better solution for this).
4. Uploading to youtube is taking 2.5 hours per 10 minute clip. I'll never get a full tournament of games in this way.

Are there any experts at getting video from the field to youtube on here that can help me with how they do this in a quick way? While I'd really like to get this working, I don't have the time to spend hours getting a video downloaded/uploaded/edited.

Any help would be Greatly appreciated!


Jul 31, 2013
Below are my thoughts. Hopefully others will chime in as well:
1.). This called chaptering. It is designed to keep the file size compatible with the FAT on the drive. It prevents you from getting a very large file corrupted. For me, I start and stop between each half inning. Generally, this will avoid the chaptering. You will still have multiple files. But you are in control of the results.
2.) Highly recommend either copying over the USB cable, or by the SD card in a reader. It will always be faster than wifi.
3.) We use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit all videos. If all you want is to join files, Google MP4 Joiner. It is freeware and will create a single file.
4.) Uploading is an issue. We don't have access to decent internet here in the sticks. So the decision is easy for us. We upload short clips to YouTube and post full games to a spare external hard drive. We share the drive with the team parents. If we don't get it back, nobody gets more video...seems to be self policing.

Hope this helps.
May 18, 2019
Thank you Josh. Very helpful. What I learned tonight in case it is helpful for others is that the Microsoft video editor app is pretty easy preinstalled way to stitch together and add a title slide. I've also upgraded my internet plan to "ludicrous speed." Hopefully that speeds things up a bit.
Jun 30, 2020
2) Get a SD Card Reader to transfer files from the memory card to your computer. Transferring from the GoPro can be painfully slow. I more than halved my transfer time with this SD Card Reader.

3) Use a free video editor to stitch the files together, don't pay Adobe $20+ a month. There are a number of good options. I used DaVinci Resolve until an update caused the older CPU in my PC to choke (note: this is probably a more difficult program to use). I currently am using Hitfilm Express and am going to try Lightworks and VideoPad once the summer travel season is over. Hitfilm Express has been great but there is no option to lower the audio quality to produce smaller file sizes.

4) The reason the YouTube upload is taking so long is because the GoPro files are massive, especially at 4K, usually at 2.5 to 3GB in size for each 10min segment. That is where editing them with a video editor in #3 will help reduce their size. Even if you use Google MP4 Joiner you'll still want to use a free video transcoder called Handbrake to reduce the file size.

Hope that helps!

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