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Good Job!!!!

Mar 4, 2018
What happens when a girl starts crying because she strikes out or misses a play at 11 years old?

What are you supposed to say?
Get the next one
Keep your head up
Put that one behind you and focus on the next play

There are ton of different things a coach can say. Good job is not one of them when they strike out or make an error on a routine play.
May 24, 2013
So Cal
What happens when a girl starts crying because she strikes out or misses a play at 11 years old?

What are you supposed to say?
It totally depends on the level of play, the kid, and the situation.

When I was AC on my DD's 12U TB team, there were a couple of girls that struggled with breakdowns after a mistake. In the middle of the game, I would ask them to step out of the dugout until they got it out of their system and could re-focus on the game.

After the game, we would have a 1-on-1 chat away from everyone. Something like this...

"I get that you're upset that you struck out. I know you're a passionate player, who wants to do well, and help your team. Those are great things, and it's part of why I love having you on this team. But what happens when you're crying in the dugout? Your teammates aren't paying attention to the game any more, they are paying attention to you. It's a distraction that isn't helping your team. When you were at bat, every one of your teammates were on the fence cheering for you, right? What I want to see is you return the favor when you're in the dugout. No one is mad at you for striking out. It happens to everyone - even major leaguers who get paid crazy money to play the game. Next time it happens, let the past be in the past, and - as quick as you're able to - focus on what you can do next to help your team. If you need to take a moment to find your focus, that's fine. If you need to step out of the dugout for a moment to vent a few tears, that's okay, too. What I expect, however, is that you won't be a negative distraction, and you will get back to being a great teammate as soon as possible."


Jun 8, 2016
I have zero experience with 11-year-old girls. So you're probably totally right. I'll aim to be less harsh -sorry chat.
Not a big deal..I was a crier myself up until about 10 or so and that just turned into anger as my testosterone levels increased.... It does need to be handled for sure...

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