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Good end to a fun year

Apr 16, 2013
First year playing fastpitch has been a pretty good one. DD is an '03 but played on a mostly '04 14u "A" team. They've played 16u a few times and played a good sized showcase in 16u this past weekend at N Myrtle Beach. The weather sucked, but the girls played fantastic. Played some really good competition and came out 4-6. One of the loses was 4-1 against a very well ranked national 16u team. DD was hurt playing baseball last weekend, pulled a muscle in her left quad, making running rather painful. She couldn't play her main position, C. Being at a "real" showcase, that sucked major balls!!! She still played some innings at 1b, but that was it. However, she could still bat! Just couldn't run much. Thankfully with it being a showcase she was always able to have a runner for her so she just had to make it to base.

The very last game of the tourney and last game of the year/season she busted a nice one. She's hit a lot of HR this year (at least one for every tournament) but being hurt and playing higher level competition, she only had hard hit ground balls for her best so far this tournament. She was pretty determined this last game. :) The fence is exactly 195, but I believe it's 20ft tall. The girls called it the green monster, obviously after Fenway. It robbed some obvious HR's over the weekend, only saw one other girl get it over. The pitcher walked her with 4 straight balls. The coach sent her back to the plate and a runner subbed in her place. This was the first pitch of her 2nd ab.


Looking forward to next year and 16u full time. :)
Apr 16, 2013
The umpire gave her a high 5. I am not sure I have seen that before.
Yeah, I didn't even notice that until watching the video. He was a stellar ump though, fantastic strike zone, super consistent, and very nice. Wish he would have been behind the plate for all the games.

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