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Jan 27, 2020
@CoreSoftball20 do you think the advanced is worth the extra $100 ? Which bat do you personally think is the top bat? My daughter previously had the cf9 which she loved . She has since had the new cf and tried the prism and hasn’t like either as much as the cf9 still trying to find her the right bat. She’s 5’2” and around 120 . She’s 11 and playing 12u, we have been trying 31 inch drop 11s . Do you think we should move up a size? Sorry for the long post new here and I see you on a lot of post so figured I’d reach out to you thanks !


Wilson = Evil Empire
Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
Its all about what fits the hitter...AND if the hitter wants to like the bat...haha. There are a few very quality bats out there.
Finding the right one is the first step and sometimes not the easiest one :)
I never say what I think is the best, because im in a no win spot with that answer. I stick with just trying to help people
when they ask me certain questions about bats or weights/sizes yada yada. I do more thru PM or text.

One person's awesome bat is another's backup or bp bat. For example, a CF fan is probably not going to like Eastons, while
the same thing is true that Easton fans prob wont like CF's and LS fans prob wont like CF's either. Completely diff feels
and weights. Obviously you can mix up weights to try and get the same weight feel . Some kids hit everything and some
wont like something on a bat or its name and will never hit it well.

I don't get into if a bat is worth the extra money, its up to the buyer and plus, I don't talk msrp. If I was paying 449...
I wouldn't be. If somebody else is, then that's their business and none of mine. I have a little diff outlook where
Im at.
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