Ghost Advance vs Ghost Dual Stamp (2020)

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Oct 9, 2020
End of month. Been getting a ton of Easton emails with sales info
Dumb question, but are there any dealer review of the 2022 Adv yet? Didn't know if dealers(Core) knew much about them yet besides the changes stated above.... Looking at getting either the older adv or may wait to grab the new adv when it comes out from Core..... Thanks in "Advance"..


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Dec 27, 2012
Kunkletown, PA
They havent been distributed around like previous bats. The shipping supply chain issues have just destroyed releases the past 6 months.
Usually a decent amount of demos float around before release.

If it was nicer out when Easton was here, I could have put some swings on it
Oct 4, 2018
But if “your daughter is a slapper primarily” it shouldn’t break as easy as a non-slapper.

This part isn't true. Most of the breaks I've seen come from mis-hits. I've seen little, teeny girls break ghosts where big, strong power hitters haven't. And vice versa. Basically lots of girls break them, and lots don't. I haven't seen any correlation between who breaks them with how strong they are or if they're a slapper or not.