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May 7, 2008
Anyone with good fundraising ideas?

- I think the magazine subscription to raise funds is a great idea.

- Most teams in this area work events (i.e. Coliseum, NASCAR races, etc.). It generates a lot of money, but takes a lot of coordination.

- Photography has a lot of possibilities. It is now affordable to take pictures throughout the season and create a yearbook. You can put pictures on just about anything.

- My oldest dd is a photographer, and she has taken a lot of abstract photos of equipment, the lines on the field, and other softball associated visuals. I am going to look into magnets, mousepads, notecards, etc.

- Another great idea is raffling off $50 gas cards. Tickets can be reasonably priced and would sell due to the price of gas these days.

Jun 17, 2008
Fond du Lac, WI

Find a local Gold Canyon Candle rep/ You can make alot of money and the product is great. Welcome to Gold Canyon!

Also our league did this scratch off fund raiser. The kids had a scratch off ticket and they asked people to scratch a spot, the spots ran $.50 to $2.00 that that person would have to pay. The cards themselves brought in 10-20 dollars a piece and were very easy cause the people didn't have to spend much. When all the spots were scratched off the kids brought in the card and the money and we kept almost 80% of the profit as they weren't very expensive. Something worth looking into.

Another thing we did was leaf raking in the fall, snow shoveling in the winter and some planting in the spring summer time. Usually the elderly were the ones that took us up on the offers but we meet some great people and some new loyal fans along with money for the team.

In college we did an adopt a player fund raiser, The girls would ask family, neighbors, bosses etc.. to adopt them ( any amount was helpful) and if they did so much they received a t-shirt with team name on it and stats of how the kids did each week or at the end of the year. Each girl sent a thank you etc... Worked for us.

Another thing that would work well is a plant sale. Start growing plants beginning of spring and then sell them, door to door or at your local community center. Then the next year if it worked out well you could take orders for the flowers and deliver when they are ready.

Hope some of this helps.
Jun 16, 2008

I often thought anything with a softball on it would sell well at a tournament or league concession stand. Too often you can't find things with a yellow softball on it. So your idea on mouse pads, etc. might work well. I know my daughter would love that stuff. You can probably order that stuff online, but the impulse purchase at the field could work in your favor and people wouldn't think of it as yet ANOTHER fundraiser.
Jun 21, 2008
We partnered with a local pizza place. The offered a buy one get one free pizza deal. We printed our own cards, put 5 squares on each one - one square was good for a buy one get one free deal (each box got crossed off by the pizza place as it was redeemed) along with the pizza place location phone expiration date etc. We sold each "Pizza Bonus" card for $10.00. We made a lot of money that way. It was a win - win situation for both the team and the pizza place!
May 28, 2008
We also did a pizza thing. We had a coupon printed for a large 2 topping pizza. We sold them for $10, there normal price is $12-$16. He let us keep $5 for every ticket we sold. We made money and he paid for his food cost and got people in his place to buy beer, pop and other food.

Now this one is for a grade school, but I would think it would work. We have Trivia Night. You sell tables. $10 per person with 10 people at a table. We have 10 rounds of 10 questions..........some silly.....some hard. We sell sponsorships of each round for $25. We do movie clips and music clips as well as rounds. People bring their own food. We buy pop and they give a donation when they want pop so it is free to them. Most people donate more than they drink so it seems to work out ok. Then we sell beer and wine and jello shots. We get a deal on the beer, pay retail for the wine and have parents make the jello shots. This is a 21 and over event,lol! We have them inside and out. We have had 42 tables to 4 out of our last 5 and the fifth was outside and we had 20.

If you do the math.......just by getting 30 tables you are at $3,000. You then do another 500-1000 at the bar. Then do silly events for a $1 during the breaks. We make 2,500 on the low side and 5,800 on the high side. We do 5 a year. This is for our athletic program at a grade school. It's even a fun night to just work. The wife and I work at everyone. This is all our athletic program uses for $$$$. No selling candy or anything else. I can give you more details if you need
Last year, we hosted a tournament at our city ballpark. We raised a lot of money doing that, but it was HARD work! This year, if our tournament does not make, we have kicked around the idea of selling smoked Boston butts. I think it'd be more work for the daddys, which is an obvious plus, and will bring in some good money.

Several teams here have done "bucket drops" on busy corners. That will bring about a lot of money, too. You'd be amazed at how many folks will contribute because it is all for the children. It's a good one, too. Hope this helps some!
Just got finished with our softball team at the school selling Boston butts. Each player was asked to sell 14 butts at $25/ea.. They are going to be available for p/u the Friday of Labor Day wkend. We are also doing cake raffles at every home football game. Since we still needed to add funds to the softball account, we are selling barbeque chicken quarter plates at the "Senior night" softball game for $5/plate. They said that went over really well last year. Everyone has to eat, right? Food seems to be the way to go where we are...
Jul 28, 2008
If you have a Krispy Kreme in your area, this is a great fundraiser. Our girls sold these for about 3-4 hours out in front of one of the big box stores last year and made about $1000 profit. We paid $4/dz up front for the donuts and sold them for $8/dz. Put a donation jar out front, too. Most people gave a 10-spot and told us to keep the change. It was easy.

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser
Jul 16, 2008
We do a few different fundraisers. One is hosting a Middle School Dance (We live in a fairly small town, 2 middle schools) at the Community Center. We also do a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament, and a golf tournament. All these make pretty good money.
Jul 7, 2008
I've been looking into stuff like this at work.

Many companies will donate gift cards or items for a fundraising raffle or silent auction you just have to ask.

Many of the direct selling companies also have different fundraisers. Pampered Chef, Party Lite, Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay etc.

In Chicago, Gino's East does something where you can sell gift cards or small pizza's for $10 - you make $4 per.
Gino's East

I've also seen Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser Cards.

Some restaurants will hold Fundraising days - around here Buona Beef does this as well as Walter Payton's Round House and some Comedy Clubs.

I've also been sold tubs of cookie dough and christmas wreaths.

Check out your local restaurants and see what they will do. I would ask everywhere - all they can do is say no.

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