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Jun 16, 2008
Im pitching in a league in southwestern ontario against some teams that play in the ISC II and some players in the ISC the other day we were playin one of these teams and I was pitching. i knew i was pitching well and we were only down 2-1 after 6. In the 6 something happened though, the defense fell apart. High fly ball over short stop that got dropped by him, multiple errors in the field and poor decision making by the field. After all this was done we were then down by 6. I then pulled myself to let the other pitcher finish the inning. As you can probably figure out i was in a nice term "upset" My team is made up of guys that have played All Ontario ball before and I was so frustrated and pissed that they made so many mistakes. My question is that should I talk to some of these players and tell them that I wasn't impressed with their effort or just let it slide and hope someone else steps up and says something?
Jul 16, 2008
None of the above IMO. Do you think the players were out to get you and lose the game on purpose? Probably not. Things happen in sports, take it with a grain of salt. Believe me when you start pointing out the fielders shortcomings....the ball that the SS "could have" gotten to will be scored as a base hit. When you start to feel like your getting too upset with their play, then it's time to move on to a more competitive team.

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