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Foul balls

Jan 28, 2017
Sounds like bat drag.
Sometimes, I think so. To me it seems she is right on it and gets stuck on the backside and she is swinging like she is going to get the backside through. Just looks like she is going to crush every ball but hits one rocket a tournament and doesn't hit well overall.
Jul 29, 2013
My dd had the same problem. We worked and worked on it and looked at every game swing trying to figure it out. It was baffling until one day I was looking at a video of a bp swing and noticed that because the ball was coming slower the ball would drop a bit and hit her bat perfectly. We spent so much time doing front toss that she expected the ball to drop like it does when thrown more slowly from a closer distance. Her hands would get to the level of the ball and then the bat would rotate beneath them. It worked well in bp because the ball would fall more than game pitches. When she got her hands to the level of the ball in a game, the bat would rotate beneath her hands and she'd foul it off, straight back.
It was as though every pitch became a rise ball.
The fix is two fold.
#1 Always pracitce hitting balls thrown at game speed from regulation distance......making practice more closely resemble the game.
#2 Realize that the bat rotates beneath the hands and not at the level of the hands. Do this drill on deck like Alyssa DiCarlo shows here in the first 3 seconds of this video.


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