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Fixing the overhand throw

Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
An analogy often used between throwing and hitting is that the 'forearm' in throwing is similar to the 'bat' in hitting. Just as the bat passes through a 'bat lag' orientation in hitting, the forearm passes through a similar 'lag' orientation.

Mar 4, 2018
FiveFrameSwing. Thank you for the GIFS, they are helpful, especially the slow motions GIFS. The Water Bottle Drill makes a lot of sense also.


Trabant swing
Jul 25, 2017
Folks, if your kid is receiving old out-dating throwing information, such as this below .... then run, don't walk, but run to the nearest exit.

Had a parent pull his kid 2 weeks before our year end because we weren't teaching these mechanics. He would take his daughter in between games and do wrist flicks...
Feb 21, 2017
I will throw something out. Many moons ago (early 2K) while coaching travel baseball our program brings all the coaches to a clinic with college and MLB coaches and players. The wrist flick was taught at a pitching breakout and we had a coach there along with coaches from all the other travel baseball programs in our area (I was at fielding breakout). The point made was that wrist flicks would give you a LIVE ball so everyone starts teaching it because who doesn’t want to throw hard and we want to look smart.

Fast forward a few years and I attend a similar clinic with similar coaches but the word used is ACTION and LATE MOVEMENT. What?! I have been doing this with my infielders. I don’t want late movement on a throw to first. Holy crap I am an idiot. Wrist flicks induce spin, spin creates turbulence and air pockets around the seams and the wrong spin will make the ball move in a way I don’t want it. This is a drill for HS age up pitcher who is looking for 1-2 MPH and some late movement on their pitch which is why you may see minor league pitchers doing it.

A few points:

An MLB coach told most youth coaches teach what they heard or know without trying to figure out the objectives. I learned to have an open mind from this experience. Any drill I introduce I need to understand the objective, what is gain and if it age appropriate for level of play.

Personally DD1 had a throwing issue so even though I’m a travel baseball coach I don’t know it all. Drive to see Wasserman and after a few sessions we have a plan. In two years she gained 12+ MPH. Bonus he is nice guy.

For those who point out college SB coaches doing wrist flicks, they got them from college baseball who got them from MLB. Follow the money because at the highest level they will do whatever for a 0.1% advantage but is it really what is need at say 10U.

Finally for Amy.

Easy solution to teach arm path. Go to pet store and get a tennis ball thrower and some tennis balls (dogs optional). Try different arm paths using that device. Do hand inside elbow near ear, hand outside elbow or for this girl drop her elbow. Let her see how far the ball goes. Make a station out of it. It is instant feedback, they will have fun and it will be something the team won’t forget. For what it is worth Wasserman throwing works well here too.


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Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
Had a parent pull his kid 2 weeks before our year end because we weren't teaching these mechanics. He would take his daughter in between games and do wrist flicks...
It is amazing how people will promote something simply because they've seen it instructed.

Do you think this guy here has even the foggiest idea of the importance of scapular retraction in the throw?

Nope ... not a clue. No scapular retraction. No thoracic extension. Poor angles. No understanding of resistance. No understanding of whip. Clueless. Simple regurgitation of information without taking the time to seek confirmation.

Consider sending the parent this video ...


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