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Fixing the overhand throw

Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
To begin the wrist snap is done without arm movement so the distance needs to be about 6 feet max. This is done to teach the player to hold the ball properly (pads of fingers on seams) with as few fingers as possible and release it by snapping the wrist.

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Try again. It is easy to hold a ball properly without performing a wrist snap.

I suppose you also recommend that windmill pitchers perform warm-up wrist snaps. Simply foolish IMO. But what the heck ... educate me on why performing a wrist snap is a good idea.

I've always enjoyed hearing coaches instruct to have the player grip the ball with the fingers across the seems as you show in the photo. I suppose you expect a player to dig the ball out of the dirt and to pause, align the ball as shown, and then make a throw. LOL ... the game is way too quick for that.

Looking forward to reading more such nonsense.
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Dec 11, 2010
4Kidsdad, I guess we will have to respectfully agree to disagree. I have seen multiple lower level minor league players being instructed on throwing during spring training.

Minor league players can likely already throw better than 99% of youth players and will *continue* to be successful in spite of poor instruction. The youngster Amy posted would not benefit from that training in any way.

Coach, I know this stuff you posted was comsidered cutting edge at one time but do you and your players a favor and study the gifs FFS posted. And again, like 4kidsdad posted, go to highlevelthrowing.com and get up to date on the absolute best material out there for throwing.

Amy, I like what you did on the fly and totally see how doing that could help your player feel a different way to throw. I absolutely love the fact that despite being around this game for a really long time you are always trying different things and learning new stuff.

And one last question for NBEcoach, and I’m sorry but I just HAVE to ask, did you look at the link that 4kidsdad posted before you “respectfully disagreed”? Why would you automatically assume that the way you know is the best way?
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Jun 17, 2009
Portland, OR
Rather than accept common teachings as gospel, review video and seek confirmation. If video doesn't confirm what is being taught, then walk away and ignore what was being taught.

Here's a throw ...

Same throw slowed down ...


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