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Jul 16, 2013
Everybody has their own posting style. Some more aggressive than others. Some less so... One of the things I have always liked about FFS is that his primary concern has always been the content. If someone made a comment that he considered questionable, he would challenge them on it. And that included me at times. But if you wanted to discuss the comment with him, he was also willing in having a back and forth conversation. Sometimes a learning moment would be had. Sometimes we agreed to disagree. His experience and knowledge are definitely missed on this forum.
Jun 8, 2016
Maybe we can send some virtual flowers to him via BBD and he will be willing to ask forgiveness on here and come back. I'll set up a gofundme in his name if necessary :LOL:
Oct 2, 2017
When I first Joined, which hasn't been to long now, he came off as Jack___. But he then came to be a person who helped me with many ideas and thoughts to help my daughter become a better hitter. Also challenged me to be better in knowledge of the swing. So bring him back!
Feb 3, 2011
questioned the site's policies about sales and marketing of products/services on the forum. FFS was told if he asked or mentioned it again he'd be banned
That's interesting. If there was a significant change to the nature of the forum's business, then it could certainly have an impact on the forum's culture. If the admins really hated the guy, this thread would not exist. I hope his absence is a temporary situation. I'm actually thankful this post was not a note about his untimely passing.
May 12, 2016
Instigation is sometimes just as bad as the inappropriate comments or behavior that resulted in the ban. Not saying that's what happened here. And it must of been really bad, I mean really really bad. I've seen threats on here that I thought were way below the belt.. such things has threatening to affect a persons business life and reputation.. just saying it must of been bad. Bring back FFS, we all agree he was a very very good resource
Sep 29, 2014
I just came back to forums a month or so ago so just thought he had stopped posting...sad to hear. I posted a lot back in the day and while we did go around a few ties and he was always very direct he didn't cross the line. If he did in some instance I would hope the ban would be temporary with the understanding that he won't do whatever got him banned ahead of time. But not sure why all his threads would be deleted probably lots of good stuff in there. All in all though mods do a really good job so in the end I probably give them the benefit of the doubt but one thing the site thrives on is transperancy which does appear to be sorely lacking on this point.

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