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Feeding the System Question

May 9, 2008
Hartford, CT
OK...now some of the involved people are "debating " (not unfriendly) about how we stack our All Star teams.

The recent past and current approach is to make the 9/10 and 11/12 the strongest teams. This makes for an extremely weak 10/11 team as if there is a 10/11 team it is made up of Majors and Minors players no one wants.

A few in the League feel as though we should be feeding the best 11/12's, then 10/11 so we help prepare them (10/11's) for the next year. 9/10's should be last and if they need players they can draw from the Minors.

Getting the 10/11's more experience so that we have a stronger league next year and for All Stars makes sense to me. (I have daughter who got stuck on the 10/11 and one who is on the 9/10).
(My 10/11 had one pitcher, three girls from the Minors, one girl who never played before, and two girls in the Majors for the first time)(great girls)
These girls will all be 11 and 12 next year....

In our District there was only one other 9/10 team (that town only had a 9/10) and one other 10/11 (only team they had as well) besides our town. There were four 11/12 teams in our District. All of this this changes from year to year.

I'm wondering what the feeling is in other parts of the country.
What logic do other league use if they have enough kids fto field numerous teams?

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