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Fastpitch lesson for DD

Aug 1, 2019
My google searches haven’t netted great results, thus far...….......Please, give me some names if you have‘m. : )
I would speculate the gurus don't need to do anything to be visible in a google search, they are busy enough through word of mouth/referrals. I think it's pretty smart of you to ask here. Lots of knowledgeable people here.
Aug 2, 2019
I too have often wondered what that means. I hear it a lot from people: "Our local coach is really good at getting pitchers started then he/she is out of their depth at a certain point."

Obviously I'm paraphrasing but I hear that a lot and I don't understand. How can a coach be good for just a little while? EVERYTHING done in the foundations of learning effects what can or cannot happen later in development. So are we talking about a coach that can teach girls to simply "Throw strikes", which is easy if you don't care about developing into an actual pitcher. Or, are we talking about a coach who's students play in a league with very weak hitting so the young pitchers appear better than they are?

I'm not suggesting every pitching coach needs a Rich Balswick resume (world tournaments, US National team pitcher, etc, etc) but, I'd really like to understand why some coaches are only good for a certain amount of time.

I'd say yeah, lots of people know the basics well enough to get a young athlete throwing strikes. I think I could probably get a girl that far along. But there are levels to the depths of knowledge out there.

Heck, our first pitching coach taught HE, and I thought she was great. She helped DD out a ton when she was in rec. Didn't pitch for her TB team for a year, then switched to another team and is starting to pitch again. Started taking lessons from another woman who teaches IR, and has herself pitched at a high level, and the level of knowledge and understanding she has about pitching is unbelievable. As a parent getting into softball, you have no idea how much you don't know. A person with a small amount of information can seem like an expert. When you actually find an expert, it absolutely blows your mind.