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Fall Training Ideas

Jun 16, 2008
DD is a pitcher. Will be playing 12U. She's not sure she wants to play basketball again. What other activities and training are good to keep her active in the off season? It gets cold enough where I'm at that outside activities aren't the best option for the winter. We have a couple of swim teams in the area I am considering for off season conditioning. Any ideas?
Jul 5, 2008
Off season weight programs, with alot of cardiovascular or good ideas. My team goes to the local gym, which gives us a discounted team rate and works out as a team. One of the trainers came up with a good CORE training program and wow did it make a differance. Alot of hitting is a good idea, at a recent Elite Varsity Camp put on by a local College, the coach stated " Softball is one sport you can't take extended time off from, to become a good softball player you must become a good student of the game."
May 7, 2008
My 12 YO DD plays volleyball in the fall and winter. It's great for explosiveness, agressiveness and reactions. Just be careful...volleyball can become addictive!

May 26, 2008
Fall/Winter conditioning

In Ontario it is almost impossible to do any work outside during the winter (and a good portion of the fall). We (team is 16U) have access to a school gymnasium for the fall/winter and I am wondering what we should be concentrating on. We have the gym for about 3 hours per week and I wanted to work with pitchers/catchers for the first hour. I thought we would spend most of the balance of the time on agility and speed exercises and mechanics - both throwing and hitting. Most of the girls here play hockey and dance - both very cardio intensive. Marc has an excellent training program that we will be using parts of. Any ideas from any of you with respect to specific conditioning would be great.


Softball fan
Feb 28, 2008
Montreal, Canada
A couple of key points:

- At 12, you want her to still enjoy the sport and don't need to "professionalize" her yet by doing too much softball-related training in the off-season. It doesn't mean you shouldn't but softball-related training (working out or pitching/hitting lessons/practices) should be complimentary activities to other things at that age.

- Encourage her to play a different sport - whatever it is. It will do a couple of things for her: 1) train her overall athleticism which is important 2) take her mind off softball a bit and avoid burning out by doing too much 3) keep her in shape by doing something else.

- A basic off-season workout is appropriate. However, at that age, I highly recommend that a parent do it with them. Increases motivation and makes the kid enjoy it more. It's good for the parent too!


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