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Extra chin padding for Schutt fielding mask?

Aug 5, 2019
South Louisiana
Bought my daughter a Schutt mask and she keeps complaining how the chin pad hurts her. During the second practice Monday, I noticed she had a small mark below her lip where it actually cut her (very small but still there). So is there any type of extra padding or cover of some sort I could put over the chin piece or do y’all think it may be a defective piece? I’d assume there should be enough padding to keep the plastic away from her face.

I know that they make extra cushioning for football chin straps but haven’t seen anything along those lines for softball masks. Any thoughts?
May 29, 2015
It’s a long read, but I recommend you checking out this thread:

May 6, 2015
is the pad positioned properly, a lot of them the chin pad is held on with velcro, so it can be adjusted, might need to be adjusted.

failing that, you could try getting a replacement chin pad for a hockey style catching helmet, I believe some companies sell replacements for those (again, normally held in place by velcro), but that might look funny, they tend to be pretty big.